Our Repair Service

Repair & Restoration Service Guide

Our reputable repair service is used by customers all over the UK, and in fact all over the world.

We are however, still a craft based workshop and so to minimise the time spent in front of the computer and increase our workshop productivity, we ask you to click on this link to view and print our guide and repair form, which will guide you through the whole process and give you all the information you should require.

To answer some of our most popular questions:

We do not give out or sell spare parts – no exceptions can be made. All items needing attention must be here with us in the workshop in order for us to deal it.

Download the Repair Guide – Click Here

E-mailing pictures Рbecause of the nature of our work, we are unable to give a quote based on pictures. The workshop need to have the item to hand and to look at. If it is a new zip/new handle/new lock, the Microsoft Word document will give you a very basic GUIDE price so do have a look at that.

If you are still in need of assistance for a repair please do phone on 0131 228 1055 or e-mail mail@manacraft.co.uk

For The Bridge guarantee repairs:

Please go back to the shop where the item was purchased who will organise a repair with us. If this is not possible, please refer to our Repair Guide and send the item to us with the proof of purchase.

With years of experience, our craftsmen constantly exceed the expectations of our customers.

We are the authorised repair agent for ‘The Bridge’.